When you bring goods into a country exceed the specified quantity and value limits, you have to pay customs duties (import tax, VAT and excise) for those goods. The duty-free allowances vary according to the regions of origin and the amount of tax you must pay depends on the type of goods as well as the country you are traveling to.

When you arrive in a country and are bringing with you products that may be subjected to duty (as well as other local regulations), customs will need to determine the value of the products. This is why it is important that you retain the sales slip, and show it when you are clearing the goods. It is also your responsibility as traveller to pay custom duties and fees. XtayPro recommends you to inform yourself and the other parties about laws, regulations of the country you are visiting, calculate all applicable custom duties and fees in advance or during negotiation and include this amount in the agreed transaction amount. One more important thing you need to pay attention to is your personal items and goods that you are delivering both count towards the quantity limit of traveller’s allowances.

Here are official customs regulations overviews for the most popular countries:

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