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A brief introduction

The Earth doesn‘t stand still, so do people and good things happen when people travel, whether across the globe or towards their goals. Opportunities arise for everybody with our mobility. And we want to make the most of not only of our mobility, but also of that spare luggage space we carry with us along the way. Founded in late 2016, XtayPro’s mission is to create a crowd-sourced delivery platform for small packages by tapping into the unused luggage space of travelers. We want to enable everyone to make use of their mobility and also create a world where people can build more human connection as they move around the world to all kinds of places in all kinds of way, every day.

Small Parcels and Beyond

XtayPro leverages technology to economically empower travelers around the world to unlock and monetize their luggage spaces. In addition to helping people get their packages and small parcels from one place to another faster and cheaper than traditional logistics services, we're working to help people in the less developed countries fight problems of counterfeit and low-quality products, helping people get or bring products from overseas quickly and affordably, removing barriers to better products and goods, creating new freight-booking solutions, and helping travelers get a seamless travel experience with less hassle at airport transit and tax return declaration. Also with new human connections bridges via our platforms, people can make new friends and enjoy their trips in the most local, authentic, diverse ways. Logistics isn’t the only thing we’re changing through our people-to-people platform. We’re building a culture and a community that benefits all its members, including travelers, requesters, employees and the economies in which XtayPro operates.

As an Acknowledgement for the goods we are bringing to the world via our platforms, we were recognized by Facebook with its Social Goods Distinction and we were selected by the South Korean Government as one of the Top 3 best startups out of 1770 Startups around the world participating in the K-Startup Grand Challenge 2018 competition.

XtayPro Third Prize


XtayPro Third Prize Hieu Nguyen

Hieu Nguyen is Founder and CEO of XtayPro, the leading sharing economy platform for the transportation of small and medium-sized parcels, disrupting the market, globally and locally and will further push the globalization of products by tapping into the huge spare luggage space of travelers. Hieu is a dedicated leader with a dream to enable millions consumers having access to better, authentic products at a more affordable price.

XtayPro Third Prize Dzung Nguyen
Finance Investment Advisor

Mr. Dzung Nguyen is member of Board at XtayPro and advises on finance, planning, and investment. A prominent figure in the Asia's startup scene, he is in charge of the investment activities and management support for venture capitals in Vietnam and Thailand for CyberAgent Capital. He has helped many tech startups in South East Asia to grow and go big.

XtayPro Third Prize Hoan Le

Hoan is in charge of developing XtayPro’s mobile applications and features roadmap for our platform and its development, as such, he knows the platform up to the cloud, down to pixel. Before co-founding XtayPro, Hoan completed his master degree in Computer Science in South Korea and worked on mobile applications development for Quantum Invention in Singapore.

XtayPro Third Prize Cang Ta
Chief Systems Architect

Cang leads all of XtayPro's engineering teams including infrastructure and frontend development, working with designers and engineers to build the backbone of our platform. During his career, Cang has helped create web, desktop, and mobile applications for many businesses, including Uber and Grab.

XtayPro Third Prize Long Nguyen

Long works with XtayPro’s leadership team to ensure departmental alignment across the company, including operations, business support, planning and analysis. He is also in charge of developing business in Western Europe. Previously, Long gathered experiences at some of the world's largest logistics corporations in Germany, USA and Japan.

XtayPro Third Prize Thanh Nguyen
Business Development Advisor

Thanh leads XtayPro’s strategic partnership initiatives as well as developing our business in Singapore market. He has years of experience working the market in Vietnam and Singapore as well as helped building Vatgia, one of the first and leading e-commerce platform in Vietnam.

XtayPro Third Prize Mai Nguyen
Product Manager

Aim to offer XtayPro's users the best products and experiences, Mai works closely with engineering, marketing, business and other of XtayPro customer related functions. She is responsible for product related business, incl. product strategy, road map, etc. Before joining XtayPro, Mai has gained extensive experiences in software engineering and quality management at Mercedes-Benz in Germany.

XtayPro Third Prize Hiep Nguyen
Operations Advisor

Hiep advises XtayPro’s executive team on legal, compliance, and privacy issues, product strategy as well as business opportunities, whereas he helps developing business in Germany. He has years of experience leading automation projects accross the globe.

XtayPro Third Prize Kyue Young Wee
Head of East Asia

Kyue Young is in charge of developing East Asia market for our platform. With in-depth knowledge of the culture gained from years living in South Korea, UK, Hong Kong, he and his team aligns product strategy with marketing execution to make our platform more user-friendly and tailored to suit the market' needs. He also speaks many languagues, which proves vital to building connections and partnerships in East Asian countries.

XtayPro Third Prize Gitae Kim
Head of South Korea

As managing director of our South Korea Branch, Gitea oversees all operations within the countries and is responsible for developing all aspects of the country orginization as well as cooperates with other regions to ultilize the best practices and create synergy.

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