XtayPro Rewards
  • The program applies to the first 1,000 referrals.
  • A user can refers many different new users.
  • Referrers must complete the account verification (via email or Facebook) before referring others.
  • When you introduce a new user, after the referee completes the account verification (via email or Facebook) you will earn immediately 1 USD as a token of appreciation from us.
  • When the referee completes their first successful transaction, you will be rewarded with another 1 USD.
  • Within the period of 1 month, if you have successfully referred more than 200 new users who have completed the first transaction, you will receive an extra bonus.
  • You can accumulate the bonus and use it in future transactions or exchange into cash.
  • You can collect your rewards in cash at our office during our operating hours and there is no minimum limit requirement.
  • If you have earned more than 20 USD, you can also receive the bonus via bank transfer.
  • If you are in oversea and would like to receive your bonus in another currency, we will use the exchange rate of Vietnam Prosperity Bank – VPBank at the time of the transfer.
  • At the first time you request to exchange the bonus into cash, please provide your national government ID or Passport and your phone number to ensure the identity.
  • After receiving the cash bonus for the first time, you will be promoted directly to Gold rank if you have not requested Rank Upgrade before.
  • We hope that you will be satisfied with our Referrals program and continue to support our services and contribute to grow our community and make it better 😊.

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